• Nadpis


          Interpersonal communication


          (Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, The Netherlands, France)

          The project concerns interpersonal communication and its various aspects. It is a detailed analysis of changes which have taken place in the fields of culture, technology, language and society.

          In the field of  a society:

          • Sociological changes within the structure of a society /family, interpersonal contacts, Internet – unites or divides people, makes them closer or further/


          The project has an interdisciplinary character . It includes Social Studies, History, Art, Language, Civics, IT .

          In the field of culture we will examine and study:

          •  Changes in music  /eg.: Styles, development of pop music/
          • Changes in the transfer of information /eg.: newspapers, radio, television. Internet/

          In the field of technology:

          • Changes in the way of sound recording
          • Changes in the way of sound playing
          • Technology inventions which enable communication /phonograph, telephone, telegraph, mobile phone, Internet/

          In the field of  a language:

          • Changes in the language /enrichment or impoverishment of language



          The project has an interdisciplinary character . It includes Social Studies, History, Art, Language, Civics, IT .

          Students from different countries will have to look at the above mentioned issues from the perspective of their own countries. During workshops participants of the project will present the results of their findings and conclusions to the others in a form of:


          1. Films, presentations, drama, comic books, interviews with representatives of different generations
          2. The final product of the project will be a movie edited together by all participants, entitled- “The ways of communicating”- THE CHRONICLE OF CHANGES”.


          The meetings will be held according to the preliminary agenda:

            meeting  st1Poland (Krakow) 18.3.2019–22.3.2019 - inventions which changed the world (telegraph, phonograph, telephone, radio, television, film, computer, Internet),


          2nd  meeting France ( September )2019  – the evolution of music styles in pop music and their reception by different generations, changes in the transfer of information- media (the press, radio, television, Internet)\


          3rd  meeting- changes in the functioning of families, habits and intergenerational relations as a consequence of the development of technology


          4th meeting- The Internet and social networking sites as a communication tool (unite or divide people, make them closer or further), changes in the language of communication  (impoverishment or enrichment of a language?)


          5th meeting- threats and negative aspects of modern communicative technologies


          6th meeting- preparation of the final product- film editing


          Between the meetings students will have to interview representatives of different generations concerning particularly set tasks. Students should visit The Museum of Technology and prepare a presentation of the exhibits (before the first meeting), or visit a company which deals with modern communicative technologies ( e.g. Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, etc.)