• The philosophy of our school: Our philosophy

        • The philosophy of our school: Our philosophy

          “Up-bringing should be pure and simple, resulting in a kind-hearted, wise and contented human-being“.

          The educational process at our school is based on creative and humanistic principles and is entirely focused on the students – his/her needs and interests, the requirements of the students´ parents as well as those of universities.   

          Our school makes the most of the possibility to form its profile through the school educational programme for both the bilingual study as well as the conventional study which is linked to life-long learning and an application in the practice.  The above mentioned programme enables our students to specialize themselves in particular fields on the basis of their own interests and abilities.

          Bearing in mind a thorough preparation for all kinds of university studies, our school offers a solid foundation when it comes to knowledge of Slovak language and literature, foreign languages and mathematics. However, first and foremost, we prioritise the development of critical thinking, creativity, the ability to solve problems, to assess situations objectively, to accept solutions, to present the results of one´s work, in our students.

           Facilities and technical equipment of our school:

          At the moment, our school is situated in two interconnected buildings, one of which is owned by the county (VÚC) of Banská Bystrica and the other is owned by the Catholic Church. The grammar school of Andrej Kmeť rents a Physics laboratory and 8 classrooms in the latter. Other classrooms along with the staff room, the headmistress´s office, departments´ offices, language laboratory, Chemistry laboratory, 2 semi-specialized classrooms for Chemistry and Biology, 2 IT classrooms, a gymnasium and lockers can be found in the former. For the time being, the number of current classrooms is sufficient.   

          The space and the equipment of the labs are adequate for secondary-school studies. In the laboratory lessons of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, our students work in 2 modern laboratories, where apart from the standard microscopes, they also have trinocular microscope at their disposal with the chance to record their work with a video camera. Not to mention 2 large telescopes that our labs are equipped with among other things.

          As far as the IT equipment of our school is concerned, it is up to scratch, with our students having an unlimited access to the Internet. The school has 2 multifunctional classrooms at its disposal with audio-visual technical equipment that serves the purpose of introducing new forms and methods of education into each subject taught at the school. In March 2007, our school was given 16 personal computers, interactive board, and Wi-Fi connection as a gift by the Taiwanese government. The above mentioned technical equipment makes up the basis of the language laboratory.