• After-school activities

        • The school actively participates in many national and international projects, competitions, and shows.  

          In these international projects such as Lifelong learning programme Comenius and participial project UNESCO, our students have opportunities to apply, improve and develop the database of knowledge, and also to gain new skills, establish relationships, and co-operate with foreign partners. They also have a chance to appraise the basics of the academic work. The students learn how to attest facts and thereafter they present the results of their work in Slovakia and other countries as well as abroad. 


          Recently, we carried out final works on the project Comenius: Water- the miracle of life, during realization of this project which we teamed up with partners coming from Turkey, Ireland, Italy, and Romania. 

          The aim of the two-year long participial project UNESCO named: Preserve and protect heritage of your ancestors is to make more visible the material and immaterial heritage mainly in the area around Banská Štiavnica and consequently make comparison of the knowledge and materials gained with foreign partners. The work was realized in two partitions: scientific and ethnographic.

          Effort of the teachers is to guide the students to work independently while acquiring new skills. As evidence of this is the Project`s day during which, the students of the third grade present in public the result of a year's work on topics that they have chosen. The presentations of the Project’s work are implemented in several specialized sections, before the committee of experts. Our aim is to extend the Project work (work on the project work) for students of lower grades and organise presentations for the general public.

          The evidence of partnership cooperation with universities is very important e.g. : the Comenius University in Bratislava, which has carried out Project “ProVek -promotion of  careers in natural sciences, “ aimed at  secondary schools, where interesting topics from the field of science knowledge have been presented in  the form of video conferencing. Our students had a big interest in watching lectures and experiments on-line, as well as in the possibility of being involved in a discussion.

          Our school has been working with the League against Cancer for several years. Many activities are dealing with highlighting the crucial importance of a healthy lifestyle as a determining method for preventing risk factors of cancer. The approach to cancer problems is not taught as a separate subject but is implemented within school subjects of Biology, Ecology, seminars and especially in extra-curricular activities. Students within the school regularly commemorate the Week against Cancer, Apples Day, Day of Health and Nutrition, Non-Smoking day, Blood Drop and Daffodil Day.
          Any of these activities helps the students to orientate themselves in various scientific disciplines, and may determine their direction of further undergraduate studies.
          Apart of working on international projects, students participate in various curriculum activities such as: astronomy, tourism, chemical, foreign languages - Russian, French, and Spanish; mathematics, table tennis, skiing and history. The students are involved in different Olympiads and special competitions.

          Students, however, have balanced opportunities between mental and physical load during the school year. For physical education and sporting activity, there are two multi-purpose sports grounds, gymnastic hall, gym for doing sports and fitness games. Swimming is another popular sports activity, which is held at the school twice a week within Physical education hours in the nearby swimming pool for students. The school organizes all year round sports courses such as swimming, hiking and biking trails. It also runs ski trips through the winter and spring school breaks, during summer holidays - conditioning and relation stay by the sea. Students are involved in various sports competitions / Cross-country running, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, football, and athletics /.
          A considerable fund for the modernization of the educational process and extracurricular activities (schools receives) is received from parent’s donations, sponsors and donors.
          Accommodation for our commuter students is available in the dormitory - founded by the County of Banská Bystrica (VÚC).
          There is a lot to do in Banská Štiavnica. Here visitors can find many cultural and sporting activities (in the city). There are several museums, cinemas, youth clubs, stadium, indoor swimming pool, (several) playgrounds and gyms.